Strategy of the Organization


The Development Organization “NEW METROPOLITAN ATTICA SA” aims to be a major reference point for the promotion of regional and local development for the enhancement of social cohesion and for improving the quality of life both in and beyond Attica.

Aim and Objective

The Development Organization “NEW METROPOLITAN ATTICA SA” was created with the purpose of contributing to the planning and actualization of development initiatives and projects which support the wider developmental targets and priorities of the Region of Attica, and evolve into a development branch and essential tool for the region and the other shareholders (the Regional Development Fund of Attica, the City of Athens).

On a broader scale, the Development Organization constitutes a body which collects, synthesizes and redistributes information, know-how, resources and services to Local and Regional Administrations, Public Administrations on a national and European level, citizens, businesses and professionals.

More specifically, the objective of the Development Organization “NEW METROPOLITAN ATTICA SA” includes:

  • The provision of scientific, consultancy and technical support to the Region of Attica and its Municipalities, to A and B level Local Administration Bodies throughout the country as well as their various divisions, legal entities, and to Municipal and Regional collaboratives.
  • The active support and involvement in the planning, maturation and actualization of development projects and interventions of the aforementioned organizations.
  • The attraction and efficient setting up of investments with significant developmental, socioeconomic and environmental impact.
  • The enhancement and promotion of the competitiveness of the Region of Attica at a European and International level.
  • The promotion of entrepreneurship and employment, and their integration with contemporary knowledge and innovation, with the aim of generating substantive benefits for the economy and society as a whole.
  • The enhancement of social cohesion and the improvement of everyday life and quality of life for the citizens.

Strategic Priorities of the Region of Attica

The strategic priorities of the Region of Attica for the period 2020 – 2023 revolve essentially around 3 basic axes:

  • A more competitive Region:

Attracting investments and focusing more on promotion of entrepreneurship, business initiative and job creation. Achieving dynamic growth for the region utilizing its multiple unique merits and ‘stand-out’ characteristics, with an emphasis on innovation, security, accessibility and digital transformation.

  • A “greener” Region:

Pointing the way to a “green” transition, reducing the carbon footprint of economic and societal activities with an emphasis on the protection of the natural environment and resources, circular economy and sustainability.

  • A more viable Region:

Tackling social inequality and social isolation through the provision of high quality and effective services and the creation of all necessary infrastructure.

“NEW METROPOLITAN ATTICA SA” was created to further advance and contribute to the actualization of the aforementioned strategic priorities of the Region of Attica.

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