The present terms of use (General Terms of Use) are the rules and conditions for the use of the WEBSITE  https://www.developattica.gr. The General Terms of Use govern and pertain to all aspects of the use of https://www.developattica.gr

The Development Organization under the name “New Metropolitan Attica SA, Local Government Development Organization (NEW METROPOLITAN ATTICA SA), which is the MANAGER of the website may at any time amend the present General Terms of Use or introduce special or additional supplementary terms of use for sections or functions of the website. The user shall be informed about such terms prior to entering the respective section or prior to using the respective function.

The General Terms of Use and any special or additional supplementary terms of use constitute a legally binding agreement between the manager and the user/visitor of the said website.



The visitor or user of the website should carefully read and study the General Terms of Use before visiting or using the web pages and should refrain from any use in the event that they are unable to abide by the said terms. The General Terms of Use apply to the entire content of the website.

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The present website is constantly updated. New Metropolitan Attica SA makes every effort to ensure that the information provided in this website is accurate at the time it is uploaded and/or modified. All information may be modified without prior notice. New Metropolitan Attica SA assumes no liability for any errors/ omissions in the website content.



3.1. Use of the present website is expressly prohibited for any of the following: (a) illegal activities, (b) breach of international and national laws, regulations and rules, (c) breach of copyright of the manager of the website or of any third party, (d) submission of misleading or fraudulent information, (e) offence, defamation, harassment, damage or discrimination related to gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or physical disability, (f) management of third party personal data, (g) dispatch of spam, phish, pharm, viruses or malicious codes which may affect the operation of the Internet website, (h) indecent or immoral activities.  New Metropolitan Attica SA reserves the right to terminate the access to the present website of any user in breach of one or more of the above restrictions. If the user is provided with access to external links or external content through the present website, the manager shall not be liable as to the content and other functions of such external links.   

Users must comply with the general terms and conditions, applicable law and any other law provisions, practices and/or procedures which have been set and applied by the manager.  

The user acknowledges and unconditionally accepts that they shall be exclusively liable for any damages which may be caused to the present website or to any third party, regardless of cause, type or form, when such damages arise as a result, whether directly or indirectly, of failure to comply with the present terms and conditions of use.   


New Metropolitan Attica SA takes all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data which is subject to applicable Greek and EU law and any binding provisions or agreements which safeguard any principles for the fair management and adequate degree of its protection.

New Metropolitan Attica SA keeps the personal data submitted by the user strictly for communication purposes and undertakes that all personal data which may be contained in the website shall be lawfully processed and shall not be sold or otherwise given to any third party. You must not submit sensitive or confidential data to the website unless it is submitted via accredited safe applications. The manager assumes no liability for data submitted via non-safe applications.



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If requested, the user must submit to the website their true personal data and other pertinent information. The website shall take all appropriate measures to safeguard the security of communications in accordance with the applicable law. 



Aside from any exceptions expressly identified (copyright of any third party, partners and organizations), the copyright of the entire content of the website, including pictures, artwork, photographs, drawings, texts and generally all files on this website, belongs to New Metropolitan Attica SA and is protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and of international conventions.

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An exception is provided for the ad hoc storage of a single copy of part of the content on an ordinary personal computer for personal and not public or commercial use, without the removal of the indication of its being sourced from the present website and without compromise to any related intellectual and industrial property rights.

Any other products or services mentioned on the web pages of the present website which carry logos of organizations, companies, partnering bodies, associations or publications are the intellectual or industrial property of such entities.



The manager assumes no liability vis-à-vis the user or any third party deriving rights from the user for any damages, whether material or otherwise, incidental or consequential, direct or indirect, or otherwise arising, regardless of the specific name, form and cause of such damages, for any legal claims under civil or criminal law, or for any damages arising from visitors to our website or from third parties, from any cause related to the operation or non- operation or to the use of the website or from any unauthorized intervention by third parties to information available through the website.

The Manager and his/her partners shall make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the website but cannot guarantee that the operation of the website or of its servers shall be seamless and free of all errors, viruses or other such elements.

The limitation or exclusion of liability on the Manager's (and her/ his partners’) part pursuant to the present terms shall not limit or exclude her/his liability for damages of any kind for which liability may not be limited or excluded in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law. 



The website includes links, hyperlinks and advertising banners connecting to or originating from third party websites and the manager may not control their availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and consistency of services. Under no circumstances does the manager accept any liability as to the availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality or correctness of the web pages and functions of websites of any third party which may be available to the visitor/user through links, hyperlinks or banners. Hence, in the event that any problem should arise in the course of a visit to or use of such pages/functions, the visitor/user should directly contact the party responsible for the specific website to rectify the said problem.

Under no circumstances should the manager be deemed to endorse or approve the content or functions of websites and web pages accessed by the visitor/user or to which the present portal is in any way linked.

The user expressly and unconditionally accepts that the manager shall not be liable for any loss or damage, regardless of the specific cause, name or form thereof, which the user may incur as a result of the availability of the aforesaid external websites or sources or as a result of any trust on the user's part as to the integrity, accuracy or presence of any advertisement, any product or any other material contained in or available through the aforesaid websites or sources. 



The General Terms of Use constitute a single legal agreement between the user and the manager and shall govern the use of said website by the user.

The user expressly and unconditionally accepts that the manager may provide notices, including such notices pertaining to amendments to the Terms of Use, by email, ordinary mail or announcements. The delay in exercising or failure to exercise any right by the manager, whether once or repeatedly, shall not, under any circumstances, be interpreted as a waiver of this or any other right of the manager, which may be exercised at any time.

In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use should become void, the user expressly and unconditionally accepts that such provision shall be substituted by the manager with another similar provision to thus construe the true intentions of the contracting parties. In the event that any provision is necessarily rendered invalid, this shall not affect the validity of all or any other Terms of Use currently in existence, which shall remain applicable. 



In the event that the user should breach any currently existing term, the manager may, at their own discretion and aside from any other circumstances provided for in the binding legal contract as determined by the Terms of Use or in any other source of law, suspend, whether provisionally or permanently, access to this website. 



The present Terms of Use shall be governed by Greek law and by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) inasmuch as they pertain and refer to the protection of personal data. Any dispute arising in relation to the present Terms of Use shall be exclusively resolved before the Law Courts of Athens.