New Metropolitan Attica, member of the European Mission "Adaptation to Climate Change"

The EU Mission “Adaptation to Climate Change” aims to support at least 150 regions and communities in accelerating their transformation towards climate resilience by 2030.

A friend of the European Mission "Adaptation to Climate Change" is now the Development Organization of the Region of Attica "New Metropolitan Attica S.A." after the approval of the application submitted to the European Commission.

EU Missions

EU Missions are a new way to bring concrete solutions to some of our greatest challenges. They have ambitious goals and will deliver concrete results by 2030. 

They will deliver impact by putting research and innovation into a new role, combined with new forms of governance and collaboration, as well as by engaging citizens. 

EU Missions are a novelty of the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme for the years 2021-2027. 

The European Mission "Adaptation to Climate Change"

The mission will foster the development of innovative solutions to adapt to climate change and encourage regions, cities and communities to lead the societal transformation.

The main goal of the Mission Adaptation to Climate Change is to support at least 150 European regions and communities towards climate resilience by 2030.

The Mission will accelerate the transition to a more resilient, climate prepared, and fair Europe. Working with citizens communities and regions the Mission will focus on transformative adaptation, resilience forging, and green innovation. All of which will be enabled by investments, capacity building, knowledge creation, inclusive governance, sustainable business innovation and partnerships in and between regions and communities. By 2030, the Mission will:

  1. Prepare Europe to deal with climate disruptions
  2. Accelerate the transition towards a “climate resilient” future
  3. Build deep resilience, scaling up actionable solutions triggering societal transformations

Benefits for regions and communities

By signing up to the Charter and the tenets of the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change, regions and communities will become part of a community of practice on adaptation to climate change and have the opportunity to network and share with other regions and communities in Europe information and best practices on climate change issues.

Signatories will also have access to the services of the Mission Implementation Platform, which will be operational in early 2023. These will comprise:

  • Help with accessing knowledge and methods on climate risk assessments
  • Access to best practice examples from other regions and information on the latest research results
  • Support with linking these examples and research results with local adaptation plans roadmaps or adaptation pathways
  • Access to tools, examples and best practices for interacting and engaging with citizens
  • Advice on possible public and private funding sources for adaptation.
Oct 10, 2022


Study On The National Road 91


Study for the Municipality of Marathon


Summer Camps of the Holy Metropolis of Nikaia


Interventions Study - Bridges of Attica


Jul 29, 2022
Jul 29, 2022

Workshops of the Region of Attica for the new NSRF (ESPA) 2021-27

New Metropolitan Attica participates in the thematic meetings with the central slogan "Attica is changing. The NSRF in your city".


Jul 7, 2022
Jul 7, 2022

#2 Charette for the Hadrian’s Aqueduct

During the event, important results of the first day’s workshop were presented, such as proposed interventions aiming to temperature reduction.


Jun 24, 2022
Jun 24, 2022

Protected Areas in the Attica Islands

These areas are a comparative advantage that highlights the unique physiognomy of Attica Islands.


Jun 3, 2022
Jun 3, 2022

Green Agenda

The Program of Region of Attica’s Development Organization for the Environment.